Our Story

James Phanyasaeng and Vyvy Truong were colleagues at CORE Resources, an Agile Technology partner, located in Downtown Toronto when they stumbled upon a recruitment-focused hackathon – Sourcing Madness 2019 hosted by Sourcecon. The recruitment delivery team at CORE took it as a challenge to test their sourcing capabilities and compete on a worldwide scale.

As the only Canadian-based team who passed the qualifications, they were knocked out of the competition after 3 rounds going head-to-head with experienced teams based in the EU.

Shortly thereafter, they were interviewed by Mark Lundgren, International Speaker and Host of Sourcing Challenge Show. During the interview, he asked the team the question

“What’s the talent community like in Toronto as a prominently growing techhub?”

Outside of their own team and a couple connections from previous employers, there was a lack of community especially within Talent Acquisition in the Greater Toronto Area. In comparison to the European/American market, Ontario held occasional recruitment-focused events through larger Human Resources conferences, though they didn’t get into the nitty gritty work of talent acquisition as a whole.

Our Mission

Creating a strong community of Talent Professionals within the Greater Toronto Area.

Our Vision

Providing opportunities to learn, share, and grow through in-person/virtual gatherings, hosting educational webinars, work journeys, and best practices in all aspects of the recruitment cycle to attract top talent into our respectivemarket with a steller recruitment experience.

Our Team

James Phanyasaeng

James Phanyasaeng - Co-Founder @ TalentTO

BBA’14, Wilfrid Laurier University

With over 6 years of experience in the recruitment field, currently Head of Recruitment for a team at CORE Resources where he works with multiple clients and fills roles in the IT Industry. James has always had a passion for Technology and has been able to quickly learn about the field. He has established one of Canada's first Agile Recruitment practices and teaches other organizations how to do the same. In his spare time, he plays chess, listens to podcasts, and watches way too much TV.

Helped start TalentTO to connect professionals in the industry within the GTA and to be able to share best practices and to bring more positivity to the profession.

Vyvy Truong

Vyvy Truong - Co-Founder @ TalentTO

BHRM '14, York University

With over 5 years of agency and corporate recruiting experience, she is working as a Senior Talent Acquisition Partner for a global financial software company in Toronto, Canada. Not only does she dedicate her time in sourcing for top talent and building diverse pipelines, she partners with hiring managers to align them with market intel and collaborate to build stellar candidate experiences. After a day of work, she enjoys playing badminton and volleyball, a couple rounds with friends, and wandering the city on foot.

Vyvy Truong
Amy Wen

Amy Wen - Volunteer @ TalentTO

Graduated from Brock University with Human Resource concentration, Amy has 5+ years of experience in tech recruitment, from various agencies to in-house, she enjoys building strong connections with people and help them to make the right move in their careers. Currently she works at Huawei R&D, where she attracts global talents and builds strong team.

She loves helping people and making a difference in the community, that's why she joined TalenTO as a volunteer, helps to organize events for networking, learning, guest speakers, and much more. Outside of work, she enjoys photography, reading, and following latest tech news. Feel free to connect with her on LinkedIn.

Marc Ang

Marc Ang - Volunteer @ TalentTO

Why he decided to volunteer at TalentTo, was to be among the many Talent Agents in Toronto and help curate the ever-growing Talent Community.

Throughout his people-oriented career, Marc Ang has been a Talent Partner for many diverse teams and organizations. With over a decade of blended experience in Agency and Corporate Talent Acquisition, he has guided candidates and hiring managers through many interesting and unique interview processes.

Currently a Talent Acquisition Specialist with one of Canada’s emerging edutainment companies. He guides various engineering managers through their recruitment strategies and interview processes while curating talent for future endeavours!

Marc Ang

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